Universal Grinding

The wealth of experience provided by our team here at Davies Precision Grinding is second to none. We have got the relevant skills and knowledge to tackle any universal grinding job within our machines capacity. The term “universal” when added with grinding means we can grind multiple diameters on a single component, such as –

  • Outside diameter
  • Internal diameter
  • End faces
  • Shoulders
  • Angles
  • Radiuses
  • Spherical


Our grinding machines are a mixture of Jones & Shipman’s, Myford’s and Churchill’s including our Myford C.N.C machine. We can universal grind diameters up to 620mm, bores up to 500mm and up to lengths of 2500mm on centre.

We use a variety of methods to hold the parts, such as –

  • Between centres
  • Magnet chuck
  • 3 Jaw chuck
  • 4 Jaw chuck
  • Chuck & steady
  • Chuck & centres

Email your enquires to info@universalgrinding.co.uk

Call us on 0121 440 4400 and ask for Andrew.