Hard Chrome Plating

Hard Chrome Plating Services

Hard Chrome Plating can restore components to their original condition or improve their longevity, durability, corrosion resistance and appearance. We provide chrome plating for machinery components, car parts and other items up to 2.5m long at our facility in Birmingham, serving customers from across the West Midlands.

Our Hard Chrome Plating Capabilities

Hard chrome plating is an effective surface treatment for metals such as:

  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Tool steel
  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Brass


We are able to plate multiple round parts at once, providing a fast turnaround and with some of the biggest chrome plating tanks in the West Midlands.

With 5 hard chrome plating tanks of varying sizes, we can operate efficiently to plate multiple components without long waiting times.

Our tanks have the capacity to accommodate large cylindrical components such as pistons, hydraulic cylinders and gear shafts.

Our hard chrome plating services are compatible with parts with the following dimensions:

  • Up to 2500mm length x 400mm diameter
  • Or up to 1000mm diameter x 600mm width

Expertise in Chrome Plating Techniques

At Davies Precision Grinding, we have been working with chrome for over 20 years, building our capacity so that we can offer services that match our customers’ requirements. We offer both heavy deposit and flash chroming services to create the required thickness and durability in the finished piece.

Heavy Deposit Chroming: using a thicker, denser layer of chrome deposit

  • For items prone to wearing or friction, such as pistons
  • To protect components in aggressive/extreme environments such as high-heat areas
  • To build up worn items to their original size


Flash Chroming: applying a thinner layer of chrome deposit, generally a few microns

  • For very fine tolerance applications such as components for aerospace, medical and defence
  • To improve the appearance of parts


How Does Chrome Plating Work?

Chrome electroplating involves submerging metal components in a bath of chromic acid and applying an electrical current to attract and bond the chrome particles to the component surface. The length of time in the tank determines the thickness of the chrome layer.

Our Chroming Processes

While every job is different, there are some common steps in our hard chroming services.

1. Initial Grinding

We begin by grinding the workpiece to remove wear, corrosion or damage where necessary.

2. Hard Chrome Plating

The workpiece is then hard chrome plated oversize so that we are certain of full coverage of any corroded or worn areas.

3. Regrinding & Finishing

Finally, we regrind the workpiece back to its original size, restoring it to a tight tolerance and removing any excess chrome.

Timely Turnaround

The Davies Precision Grinding team shares a wealth of experience. They pride themselves on a quick turnaround, often within 24 hours, as well as low costs and high accuracy. Thanks to our five chrome plating tanks, we are able to return plated parts on tight deadlines to support our customers’ work.

Advantages of Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome plating is an excellent process for improving the durability and longevity of metal parts or restoring parts that have worn down or corroded. The process is cheaper than replacing components and improves the look of parts by creating a smooth, shining finish. It also provides a low friction coefficient, meaning the part will move more smoothly in machinery. This makes it less likely to be worn or ground down during its normal operations, and it will generate less heat and noise than uncoated parts.

Enhanced Surface Hardness

The key benefit of hard chrome plating is the increase in surface hardness provided. The hardness of the chrome deposit after plating is 1100-1200 H.V. or 60-65 HRC, with a melting point of 1875oC. Hard chrome plating provides excellent resistance to sliding wear, abrasion and corrosion, improving components for use in extreme environments.

Applications for Hard Chrome Plating

Any round metal components can be repaired by hard chrome plating, often at a fraction of the cost of a replacement. We regularly refurbish cylindrical parts such as:

  • Armature Shafts
  • Gear Shafts
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Ram
  • Motorcycle Forks
  • Pistons
  • Print Rollers
  • Wear Rails & Rods

Why Choose Davies Precision Grinding?

We are proud to hold ISO 9001:2015 certification. Davies Precision Grinding is dedicated to providing high-quality finishing services that meet customers’ requirements consistently. We offer:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Precise Chrome Plating
  • Expert advice
  • Experienced workmanship


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