Davies Precision Grinding Ltd was established in 1982 by Adrian Davies.

The company specialised in high precision grinding, small batch work and a breakdown service was offered. Davies Precision steadily grew and in 2001, we invested in a small hard chrome plating tank.

We started an in house service repairing worn seal diameters and hydraulic rams within 24 hours. A second, larger hard chrome plating tank was added and it wasn’t long before a larger grinding machine was needed.

This was fulfilled by the takeover of Charlie Styles Grinding, increasing our capacity to 2500mm long shafts with up to 600mm O/D.

During this time, a CNC machine was added slashing turnaround times and maintaining a high accuracy. The takeover of GP Engineering, complimented the hard chrome plating side of the business by adding metal spraying and remanufacturing facilities. Alongside all our machinery, inspection room and workshop, all our work force has a wealth of experience and we pride ourselves on a quick turnaround, low costs and accurate grinding.

In 2014, Andrew Sweetman, a long term member of the team became a director and with his drive, enthusiasm and customer relations, is continuing to maintain and improve our ever expanding business.

Email your enquires to info@universalgrinding.co.uk

Call us on 0121 440 4400 and ask for Andrew.